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Selection y Executive Search

We adjust our sails and now become Selection and Executive Search.

Global, because our services cover the entire range of possibilities from the identification, attraction, recruitment and assessment of talent for our clients. Global because we provides our services at the global level and because we cover the entire organizational pyramid.

Choice because no matter whether you are a client or a candidate, we are, without doubt, the best choice. Choice because we know how to identify the best talent and to thereby allow our clients the opportunity to choose the best candidates. And Choice because our candidates choose us to accompany them on their professional career path, safe in the knowledge that their experience is unbeatable in our hands.

Selection and Executive Search because we are your global option, your best choice!

You cannot guide the wind, but you can change the direction of your candles. Chinese proverb


We are obsessed with our clients. “There is only one boss: the client. The client is the only one who can keep us in a job, by deciding to invest their money in us and not somewhere else».


Our Commitments to our Clients:

  1. Service commitment: To provide our client with a comprehensive and satisfactory solution, through a rigorous process and a work methodology that ensures the highest standards of quality.
  2. Information: Commitment to keep our client informed at all times as to the progress and particularities of each process.
  3. Confidentiality: Unless previously authorized to do so, we do not provide information about the client company, the interviewees or the project.
  4. Off limits: We undertake not to approach professionals within the structure of our clients.
  5. Conflict of interest: Before we accept a mission, we make you aware of any potential conflict of interest.
  6. Data protection: Regarding the personal data that we process as a result of the services that are covered by this agreement, we guarantee that we will at all times comply with the legislation that governs such data, particularly with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection.



Our Commitments to our Candidates:

  1. We guarantee that the identity of the candidate will be kept totally confidential at all times. We will never disclose any personal information without his or her prior consent.
  2. ProfessionalismWe undertake to guide and advise the candidate at all times throughout the process, to ensure that the change they are contemplating is appropriate to their professional career. To be available for them, and to resolve any doubts they may have, taking their preferences into account. To move forward only with those candidates who are suited to the position and to the culture of the client.
  3. To ensure that those who participate in the selection process, are kept suitably and fully informed as to the status of their candidacy, throughout each of the different stages.
  4. To follow-up on how he or she is adapting to the new job and to the company culture.
  5. Data protection: Regarding the personal data that we process as a result of the services that are covered by this agreement, we guarantee that we will at all times comply with the legislation that governs such data, particularly with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection.

Candidate Experience

  • Managing Expectations

  • Communication

  • Transparency

  • Honesty

  • Satisfaction


Our clients

  • “Para Famosa BLC es un partner de selección tan próximo a nuestra cultura y forma de trabajar que permite hacerlo de forma ágil, cómoda y de calidad. Son capaces de absorber la cultura y las necesidades del puesto en cada proceso, de manera que siempre encuentran al candidato perfecto. BLC realmente marca la diferencia. Ojalá todas las compañías proveedoras de servicios, tuvieran un enfoque al cliente tan bueno”

    Emma Casas
    Emma Casas Human Resources Senior Manager
  • “Our relationship with BLC starts at the end of 2005, in a context of a radical organizational change process, as a result of the integration of a Spanish company in the culture and procedures of a German group. From that moment, we have been continuously growing and evolving, requiring increasingly complex profiles with ability to adapt to a globalized environment in permanent change. What I value most about BLC Global Choice is their effort in understanding our needs and their speed and autonomy in the implementation stages. As a result of this approach, the times are inverted and the results stage is the most agile of the process. In addition, our relationship is based on a long term focus. The benefits for both parts are the result of the sum of many interactions. This way, it is easy to understand that we have a win-win relationship”.

    Alfonso Palomeque
    Alfonso Palomeque HR Corporate Manager
  • "We are very happy with the level of service. It’s a pleasure having Laura in the recruitment team. Her professionalism, discretion, results orientation and poise are remarkable. Fantastic professional and wonderful person"

    Beatriz Ledesma Valenzuela
    Beatriz Ledesma Valenzuela

Our candidates

  • “You are the only recruitment company with which it has been a pleasure to participate in a process. Your kindness and dedication, as well as those of your colleague Irene, have been remarkable”

    C.D. BLC Global Choice Candidate
  • “Thank you very much for your answer; you know how the market works and the difficulty to observe a minimum standard regarding the communication between candidates and recruiters, so I must say that it is a real pleasure to work with you”

    Desirée, Q.M.
    Desirée, Q.M. BLC Global Choice Candidate
  • “When we read something about recruitment processes, it is usually related to the poor way in which HR deals with the candidates. Therefore, I would like to thank BLC Global Choice and specially Nuria M. for their transparency in their information for me. The process that I was undergoing has been postponed until September due to the summer period, and they were so kind as to inform me about it. It was not their obligation, and I would have probably spent all the summer wondering what had happened, but thanks to their call I know what is going on and I do not need to rely on my imagination… Again, thanks for your empathy with the candidates, Nuria M.”

    Ruiz, M.
    Ruiz, M. BLC Global Choice Candidate
  • The agility of the process and the punctuality in the information, as well as the professionalism and availability of the consultant at all times were really estimable.

    A.M. BLC Global Choice Candidate


When collaborating with the client and the candidates, our team evinces an attitude of personalized service, based on confidentiality, respect, honesty and efficiency.


We are generalist by choice, with teams that are highly specialized in different sectors and profiles


We are extremely technical. Our trained and qualified consultants are experts in recruitment & assessment


Our team of highly qualified and expert consultants will find the right professional for the job, no matter where he or she may be


We are passionate about what we do and we enjoy adding value to our clients and to our candidates





Selection outsourcing


Centre of excellence in recruitment


multisource recruitment

Young Graduates

We manage intern and young talent programs

Selector center

Skill assessment centers

Executive search

Search for and selection of Executives


Mapping and salary benchmarking

Talent survey

Assessment and evaluation of potential target candidates

"Net hunting"

We search for potential candidates, whether active or passive, directly over the Internet


Broad knowledge

Multi-sector experience

IT-Digital / Retail / E-Commerce /Banking-Finance / Technology & Telecommunications / Distribution & Logistics / Insurance / Industry / Pharma / Oil & Gas / Energy

Team of specialized Consultants

By sectors and profiles

A market benchmark

In the search for and selection of technical and executive profiles


Systematic compliance with service agreements & satisfaction indexes above 98%

Together we can achieve the impossible!

Our team of consultants is highly specialized in myriad job roles and sectors.


In Spain, we have offices in Madrid and Barcelona, from which we cover the rest of the country.

In Portugal, our offices are located in Lisbon and Porto.

To offer our services and to attract talent at a global level, we also have international partners that enable us to implement processes in other markets whenever necessary and with every guarantee.

Socios de Recruitment y Executive Search

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